Our History



What a long way we have come over the last ten years.  The choir has quickly established itself among New Brunswick’s cultural landscape.  It has been recognized as one of the best choirs in the province by both the world of music and the general public, and more and more artistic groups and festivals want them to be part of their events.  Symphony New Brunswick’s conductor and musical director Michael Newnham had this to say: “In April 2011, we performed Handel’s Messiah with the Louisbourg Choir.  After five minutes, I was quite astonished by its level of quality.  I realized the choir added something interesting, maybe linked to the French language.  There is a kind of subtlety in their way of singing.”


It is not surprising that Mr. Newnham wanted the Louisbourg Choir to become an official partner.  From its beginnings, the choir’s musical directors have wished to go beyond the boundaries of Greater Moncton to reach the greatest possible number of people.  The Louisbourg Choir was resident choir of the Sackville Festival of Early Music from 2006 to 2014. They have travelled the province of New Brunswick numerous times and also performed in Nova Scotia.  In May 2015, Service d’Action Culturelle et Artistique de l’Université PARIS 8 invited the Louisbourg Choir to take part in Rencontres Chorales 2015, dedicating the event to Acadian music.


The choir performed six concerts either with other Parisian choirs or on its own.  Their most recent collaboration was this past spring with Atlantic Ballet Theatre, at which occasion the choir sang a piece by Bach while the dancers performed on stage.


Although the Louisbourg Choir has distinguished itself as specializing in early music with period instrument accompaniment, it will embrace other musical periods on occasion. The interpretation of pieces by contemporary composers is also of great importance to the choir.  In recent years, they performed pieces by Richard Gibson and commissioned works from emerging composers like Matthew C. Lane and James Fogarty.


Intent on improving their performance and diversifying their repertoire, members of the choir have worked with renowned conductors such as the late Christopher Jackson, Alexander Weimann, Denis Gautheyrie, and more recently, Andrew McAnerney.


The choir will launch its first CD in August 2018.